Team building

We believe that successful teams are built on motivation and good cooperation. However, because of distant communication by email, numerous calls and meetings, the common team spirit may get lost in the mass of countless tables and duties. The goal of each team building event is to provide your colleagues with new experiences, to let them get out of the daily routine and remind them what the common team spirit really means.  Team building events have become an indispensable tool for every company to increase the level of trust, improve cooperation, get new colleagues know each other better and create a successful working environment and good communication.

Team building & hiking

Good communication, cooperation and coordination are the basis of every good team, but also of every successful mountaineering trip.

Why go team building & hiking?

  • Discover and explore new horizons together.
  • Conquer mountain peaks together.
  • Get a break from screens and emails.
  • Create new experiences and memories together.
  • Prove to your colleagues that they can rely on you and you on them.

Through one-day or multi-day team building hiking tours, you will strengthen the team spirit and bring your colleagues closer in a relaxed and funny way. Looking for new challenges in nature, whether in the mountains or in the woods, in a place without a signal where cell phones will not vibrate and ring all the time, for sure – you will get to know each other better and get closer within beautiful untouched nature.

Nature with its hidden treasures, mountain peaks, bays, beaches, enchanting mountain places, island charms and panoramic views will surely inspire and motivate your colleagues to deepen their personal development, to connect with each other, but also to strengthen their business creativity and motivation.

Education on team building & hiking events

Relaxing and discovering untouched nature is the first thing we want to focus on in team building & hiking events, but we also provide your team with a theoretical part through which they will explore historical sights, discover Croatia’s natural beauties, mountains and islands and learn about hiking.
  • Historical field workshops
  • Basics of hiking
  • How to move in the mountains
  • How to behave in nature
  • Introduction to mountaineering equipment
  • Nutrition on hiking trips
  • Mountain Challenges
  • Compass and map orientation exercises
  • Rescue and survival exercises in nature

Mountain Tales team building & hiking

  • Team building & Hiking events can be organized throughout Croatia – from the mountains of continental Croatia to Istria and the Adriatic islands
  • Each hiking event is tailored to your needs
  • The client chooses the duration and the destinations among the offer of selected destinations
  • We hike in Croatian, English, German and French language
  • It is possible to arrange theoretical lectures on mountaineering topics of your choice
  • Our programs are designed for people of average physical condition

Contact us for an offer!

Please, specify the duration of the trip and the desired destination! The offer includes the price of the mountain guide service, tourist guide service, educational workshops and advice. As to other services (transport, accommodation, food, tickets, etc.), we work closely with partner travel agencies.

Meet new horizons together with your partner Mountain Tales

Show your team that together you can conquer the highest peaks – both in business and those across Croatia! Explore new horizons for a better business!

Show your team that together you can conquer the highest peaks – both in business and those across Croatia! Explore new horizons for a better business!

The price of team building & hiking events

Mountain hiking tour (interpretation of historical and cultural sights included)

150 EUR / day

Theoretical part - presentation on hiking topics and survival in nature (2 hours)

70 EUR

Education - field workshop (3 hours)

80 EUR

* Note: The listed prices are exempt from VAT
The organization and costs of other services (transport, accommodation, food and beverages, tickets, etc.) can be carried out in the form of a package deal through our partner travel agencies. Upon request and at no extra charge, your mountain guide will provide advice for the services mentioned (transport, accommodation, restaurants, any additional costs such as a ticket to the national park, etc.). Payment required for team building packages for mountain/tourist guide services and educational workshops, via bank transfer to the bank account:  IBAN HR0623600001103002006 at Zagrebačka banka

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