Conversational courses

  • tailor-made conversational courses for German and French with a native speaker
  • individual groups of 1 to 3 participants
  • It is possible to organize the conversational course live or online

We create courses corresponding to your needs and goals, and the emphasis is put on communication and improvement of your language skills in both oral and written expression.

Conversational courses with a native speaker are intended for students with prior knowledge of the language, for those who want to refresh their knowledge of a foreign language in a fast and interesting way.

Price list

Online individual conversational course for one person (60 min)

27 EUR

Online conversational course for two people (60 min)

16 EUR per person

Online conversational course for three people (60 min)

12 EUR per person

Conversational courses live, at home or at your office

price upon request


We also offer translation services for all types of texts:
  • English language
  • German language
  • French language

Price of translation - general and scientific texts

Translation from English, German or French into Croatian

12 EUR

Translation from Croatian into English, German or French

16 EUR

Translation from a foreign language (English, German or French) to another foreign language (English, German, French)

20 EUR

Proofreading of a text in a foreign language


The price refers to 1 author’s card that contains 1500 characters without spaces, and for urgent translations we charge a 30% higher price.

Discount is possible for a larger amount of text. We also offer a discount to our long-term clients.

Oral translation

1 hour of consecutive translation

40 EUR

The price includes the time spent on translation and begins with the arrival of the translator at the translation premises and ends when no translation is needed any more. 

Payment conditions of conversational courses and translation services

Conversational course

It is possible to order a package of 4 or more lessons of 60 minutes duration each. Payment by bank transfer.

Written translation

Order of translation is confirmed by advance payment of 30% of the estimated amount.  Final translation product is delivered after the payment of the remaining amount, which is calculated on the basis of the final number of translation cards.

Oral translation

Payment after delivery of service in accordance with the overall time spent. Payment for conversational courses and translation services to be made via bank transfer to our bank account: IBAN HR0623600001103002006 at Zagrebačka banka
* Note: The listed prices are exempt from VAT.