Little mountaineering school


  • For elementary and middle school students from 5th grade upwards, high school and university students
  • Language exercises in Croatian, English, French and / or German
  • Theoretical presentations on mountaineering and nature topics as part of the school curriculum or as an extracurricular activity
  • 1 to 4 outdoor activities per month (full-day hiking trips and / or half-day outdoor activities)


The little mountaineering school with its educational and entertaining activities leads children and young people back to nature, opens new perspectives and allows them to go offline in a world full of digital contents.

Triple effect of mountaineering school for children and youth:

Physical activity in nature with lots of sun and fresh air
Nature discovery and interdisciplinary learning 

Practicing foreign languages

Theoretical presentation topics

  • History of mountaineering, Mountaineering organizations, General information on mountaineering
  • How to behave and move in the mountains
  • Mountaineering equipment and psychophysical preparation
  • What to eat and to drink on the mountain
  • Orientation in nature – use of the map
  • Orientation in nature – use of a compass
  • Environmental protection / Mountaineering ethics
  • Animals in the mountains
  • Plants in the mountains
  • Geography & Learning knots Part 1
  • Geology & Learning knots Part 2
  • Speleology & Learning knots Part 3
  • Meteorology
  • Dangers in the mountains
  • Mountain rescue
  • Survival in the mountains
  • Camping and types of bivouacs
  • Mountain Injuries and First Aid Part 1
  • Mountain Injuries and First Aid Part 2
  • Alpine hiking and acclimatization
  • Via ferrata
  • Climbing – equipment and techniques
  • Avalanches and winter equipment

Full-day hiking trips

duration approx. 8 hours, with transport and rest included

It is possible to organize a full-day trip to other destinations near Zagreb or throughout Croatia

Half-day activities in nature

 duration from 3 to 4 hours

The linguistic dimension of full-day hiking trips or half-day activities

In addition to the mountaineering school and hiking trips, we will also prepare an interesting program of foreign language exercises for children and young people:
  •  grammar exercises
  • vocabulary exercises
  • exercises of written and oral expression on mountaineering topics

Little mountaineering school

  • possible duration of the school from one month to seven months
  • from mid-October to mid-May
  • min. 10 and max. 15 students per group
  • Parents are welcome on hiking trips!

Price of little mountaineering school

The price of the mountaineering school depends on the duration, the number of theoretical classes, the number of hiking trips/activities and language lessons.

Theoretical presentation at the school premises (60 min.)

30 EUR

Full-day hiking trip (duration approx. 6 to 8 hours)

150 EUR *

Half-day activity in nature (duration approx. 3 to 4 hours)

75 EUR *

Language lessons online or at the school premises:

the price depends on the number of participants and the location

* The price refers to mountain guide services.

** Note: The listed prices are exempt from VAT

The price of the mountaineering school does not include:

– Mountaineering equipment (backpack, hiking boots, mountaineering clothes)

– Food and drinks during hiking trips and activities

– Transport to and from the starting point of the hiking trip

– 1 compass (required for orientation lecture)

– 1 rope 5mm thick x 6m long (required for learning knots)

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